Are Dentures and Bridges a Smart Idea?

Having a missing tooth or a set of teeth can affect the quality of your smile as well as your sense of confidence. It can drastically affect your self-esteem especially when relating or talking to others. Also, a single missing tooth can have a wide ranging effect in the shape and overall condition of your mouth. Missing teeth can lead to bone loss, atrophy, and teeth misalignment. Fortunately, among the most convenient and affordable solutions available are dentures and bridges. These dental solutions are designed to bring your smile and your confidence back so you never have to shy away from people ever again.

Benefits of Dentures

Dentures come in two types. There are partial dentures as well as full dentures. Partial dentures are suitable for people who have one missing tooth or more than one missing teeth. This denture type is normally fitted with clasps so that it fits easily into the rest of your teeth. Partial dentures are normally recommended when the rest of your teeth are not strong enough to accommodate a bridge. Full dentures, also known as false teeth or complete dentures, are normally used when all of your teeth need replacing.

There are several clear advantages of dentures. First off, dentures are an easy, affordable, and convenient alternative to dental implants. It can bring back your youthful appearance, it can help you build your self-esteem, and since they are removable you can care for them whenever necessary.

Why opt for bridges

Bridges on the other hand are normally placed in between healthy, natural teeth, to replace the ones in between which are missing. Bridges are another alternative to dentures and dental implants. A bridge includes custom-made crowns for the teeth on each side and the false teeth that will replace the missing ones. Bridges may be of the permanent or removable type. Removable bridges are generally less expensive and easier to maintain or clean. These types of bridges moreover are easier to make or customize, so you can expect faster service as well.

Dentures and bridges from Village Smiles
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Village Smiles in Pittsford New York provides family dentistry, sedation dentistry, general dentistry, and cosmetic dentistry services. Whether you need partial or full dentures or removable bridges, this dental clinic makes sure that your needs are given primary attention. Dr. Paul Schwedfeger began his dental practice in 1980 in Rochester New York, and continues to be one of the most trusted dental practitioners in the area today. Now his son, Dr. Matt Schwedfeger, is helping him continue that tradition.

Having a complete set of teeth can do more than just give you a great smile. It can give you the extra confidence that you need and allows you to enjoy your favorite foods as well. Finding a reliable dental professional who can provide you with the right solutions is just as important as actually choosing the right dental procedure.

Convenient, easy to customize, and generally affordable, dentures and bridges can easily give you the makeover you need without having to endure several dental visits or spend a fortune. A good dental clinic can provide you with the services you need, at rates you can well afford, and within a relaxing and comfortable environment.

"Ever since I was a child, I was embarrassed by my smile. The best thing I've ever done for myself is to have veneers done at Village Smiles. Your first impression is your smile - I love mine now." -- Katie F. ~ Pittsford, NY
"After being hesitant about having veneers, I finally went forward and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. I continue to receive compliments on my smile. Dr. Schwedfeger and his staff were great. I just wish I had the veneers done sooner!!" -- Brad K. Rochester, NY
"People comment on how great my teeth look all of the time. You have turned a self-proclaimed “ugly duckling” into a beautiful, confident swan, and thank you just doesn’t seem to be enough." -- Heather G. ~ Pittsford, NY
"Dr. Schwedfeger is an artist in his trade who truly cares about his patients. He did laser surgery to raise my daughters gum line. She was thrilled with the results and kept mentioning how amazed she was that it didn't hurt. She hasn't stopped smiling since!" -- Wendy D. East Rochester, NY
"I can’t thank you for all you have done for me. My new teeth look and feel great! I don’t think I have smiled this much in years!! Your staff and your work will always get the highest recommendations from me." -- Chris P. ~ Penfield, NY