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Cosmetic Dentistry has always been a vital interest for Dr. Paul and Dr. Matt Schwedfeger. Even in dental school, Dr Paul worked on early prototypes of the cosmetic bonded bridge known as the ‘Maryland Bridge’. Dr Paul was one of the few dentists in the Rochester area to start offering Porcelain Veneers. He has continued to learn new and better techniques and teach this to other dentists (Meet Dr. Paul Schwedfeger | Meet Dr. Matt Schwedfeger)

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Tooth-Colored Fillings

These tooth-colored fillings are the state-of-the-art replacement for the black mercury-silver fillings. The material not only looks great, but it also is incredibly stronger than the old type of fillings. The tooth colored fillings or composites will help to prevent teeth from fracturing as often happens with the silver fillings. This can be done in only one visit and it will make a big difference in your smile.

Cosmetic Bonding

This is the amazing process that allows the dentist to attach tooth colored materials directly to your natural tooth. With the eyes and hands of an artists, Dr. Paul and Dr. Matt Schwedfeger can create a new tooth in the form and color you desire. Cosmetic bonding can change the color of a tooth, repair chips or cracks or even fill-in unwanted spaces between your teeth to create a beautiful smile.

Porcelain Crowns

All-porcelain crowns are the closest replacement for natural enamel that has appeared in dentistry. In the last 10 years, the field of dental esthetics has made huge strides because of advances in ceramic technology. The crown is bonded in place, and your all-porcelain crown is not only gorgeous but also incredibly strong.

Veneers & Lumineers

Not all teeth respond to standard whitening procedures or to procedures that are especially designed to correct the form or to fill in the gaps of teeth. Veneers and lumineers are the answers to most of such cases. Veneers are very thin porcelain laminates that are directly bonded to your teeth. They are custom-made for each patient. Veneers are nail-thin and can be shaped to create better-looking teeth. They may also be used to disguise discoloration. In Rochester, Dr. Paul Schwedfeger was one of the first dentists to use porcelain veneers to improve the smiles of his patients. By 1984, he had already perfected the procedure.
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Teeth Whitening

Some dentists, including Dr. Paul and Dr. Matt Schwedfeger, consider teeth whitening as a safe and conservative approach to stained or discolored teeth. When you go have your teeth whitened in a dentist’s clinic, you will most likely be treated with a whitening bleach that is compatible with your teeth’s degree of discoloration and sensitivity.
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If you are interested in undergoing some sort of cosmetic dentistry procedure, you have to consult a seasoned practitioner. While some may consider any cosmetic dental work as not as serious as say, dental surgery, it is important that you find someone who can help you achieve the look that you are hoping for. What happens to your teeth may affect the esthetics of your whole face and even the rise or fall of your self-esteem. Consult cosmetic dentists, such as Dr. Paul and Dr. Matt Schwedfeger, who have shown promise in dental school and still continue to update their techniques. It would also help to know that Dr. Paul and Dr. Matt Schwedfeger have always shown a vital interest in cosmetic dentistry. They have continued taking postgraduate courses to learn new and better techniques. They have also had enough experience in making people smile brighter.

The cosmetic dentistry that I received from Village Smiles has made a profound impact on my self-esteem. I can smile confidently…

— Robin Claypool Ontario, NY

More Testimonials

"Ever since I was a child, I was embarrassed by my smile. The best thing I've ever done for myself is to have veneers done at Village Smiles. Your first impression is your smile - I love mine now." -- Katie F. ~ Pittsford, NY
"After being hesitant about having veneers, I finally went forward and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. I continue to receive compliments on my smile. Dr. Schwedfeger and his staff were great. I just wish I had the veneers done sooner!!" -- Brad K. Rochester, NY
"People comment on how great my teeth look all of the time. You have turned a self-proclaimed “ugly duckling” into a beautiful, confident swan, and thank you just doesn’t seem to be enough." -- Heather G. ~ Pittsford, NY
"Dr. Schwedfeger is an artist in his trade who truly cares about his patients. He did laser surgery to raise my daughters gum line. She was thrilled with the results and kept mentioning how amazed she was that it didn't hurt. She hasn't stopped smiling since!" -- Wendy D. East Rochester, NY
"I can’t thank you for all you have done for me. My new teeth look and feel great! I don’t think I have smiled this much in years!! Your staff and your work will always get the highest recommendations from me." -- Chris P. ~ Penfield, NY